Saturday, 2 October 2010

One chance one dime

One chance one dime

Listen, I'm not on no girls forget that
I've moved from boy to man and grabbed something in a mans league
A real breath taker, so she can pin me real good so I can't breathe
She's got me, so when I'm not there I can't leave

She's not a figure of my imagination
Real talk, real heart no infatuation
If you ever think I'm still on them, lol, thats and understatement
Cause they're all buried an gone, burnt in history; cremation

But she's here, near me resurrection of my life
Reassuring who I am, always playing on my mind
She knows how to hold the balance, even when she can't hold me tight
It's all been her time, so she'll be by my side

Come rain or shine, night or day
She's part of the plan, so there was no delay
Beauty beyond compare, so they hate
But I couldn't give a toss, I don't care what they say

You don't get nine chances, so I'm going to take this one
So now I've got her on my radar before the day is done
And praise is due, to her, she gets me crazy don
So forget about chasing skirts, so my behaviours on

Cause I'm determined to maintain, from tip top to tip toe
Cause she's got her mind over matter, so we both flow
She's a woman so defined, she was made from gods hold
And you know, that I know, so me and her can't be a joke

So here we go, one day at a time
Cause time is all we have, and I express my thoughts within rhyme
Your my reason for my smile, I'm happy because your mine
Your a woman beyond compare, my cherry drop my sensuous dime
One chance my one dime!

by Jesse Johnson

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