Thursday, 21 October 2010

Embrace a sense of pride

Embrace a sense of pride

Its not easy being black
Thats what they all say
Killing the black man in movies seems to be childs play
They always seem to die first
But notice this
We've come  along way
We've got too much to win to turn back
Oh yeah, the choice wasn't ours in the first place
We never asked to be here, or there
We just wanted home
Wanted life the way it was
We wanted to be left alone
Against our wishes we were torn away
Dragged and beaten, and put on display
Torn from our roots, like Kuntahkenteh
Thrown on ships to hell
No trail to follow
Just memories to fade
History tells a story of black people being prey
Of how we were bound in shackles and chains
Beaten with whips and branded with names
Past like parcels and toyed with like games

But remember this people,
Our people have aged
Opportunities have arrived,
And alot we've gained
We've got power and knowlege,
And hearts full of aims
We've got free minds and bodies,
Our goals are ours to claim

We should always remeber
To take life in its stride
Be pround of who you are
Colours just the outside
Its our hearts that count
So, look deep down inside
Everybody, embrace a sense of pride

by Jesse Johnson

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