Thursday, 7 October 2010

What I've Become

What I've Become

Were they even worth my words
My adjectives and learn'ed verbs
Cause I know they've never felt my hurt
Or seen the scars under my shirt
Never lived my life, or felt my worth
Had darkened eyes since the day of birth
Seen the miracles in life that turns
This H-2-O to spoken word

I've been a bird and seen the stars
I am this man cause I'm from mars
I've felt the strain, I am this class
Been close to cells and felt the bars
I've felt the fury, lived the fast
I've heard the future, seen the past
I've been side tracked and left the path
I've shadowed me and worn the mask

I know he's there, I heard his son
Another day, a battle won
I've felt the shackles, moved the tons
Look down the barrel of lifes gun
Let it be known I've dodged death once
My mind sharpened, I was once blunt
Can you see what I have done?
Take a look at what I've become

by Jesse Johnson

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