Thursday, 7 October 2010

Everything is Political

Everything is Political

Everything is political
So hear this, this is my politics
My politics of change
Becarh, goverment in our country is very deranged
England's somewhere that they can't maintain
Another description for it, is change
They've seemed to have everything under control
When they've got groups like the B.N.P on the rome
They've got a couple seats now
Next election, they'll have it all, it'll be their home
Then, what will happen to us?
The civilians - black, asain; cultured from young to old
My minds eye sees death in lifes future
People in heaps like a holocaust clone
We've been shown what racism can do
It's something we've probably all been through
We've all been through
We can make it through
If we all stick together we can make it through
Through trust, hope, guidance
In each other religion, pacifism not violence
We can win bad over, with millions of good hearts
Poetry, plays, campaigns, with art
Art is the key to our peace and unity
Art is life, life is art
Politics politics, politics politics

Everything is political
Even the birds and the bees
The amount of knees, that bend
In different places, different countries
Many men and different monarchs
Different places, similar governments
Same motive same aim
Same difference, no change
Parallel lives, different ages
Road rats rugrats different stages
Small book big book, different pages
Politics politics, politics politics
Political upheaval and civil warfare
Fighting violence, bloodshed we all share
One mans bad heart and a countries guilt
One mans gun, lays another mans filth
One mans mind, leaves billions killed
And leaves big ditches with steaming bodies filled
Everything is political, believe or not
Politics politics, it's never been not.

by Jesse Johnson

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