Thursday, 7 October 2010



Another blank page, for more ink to fill it
Another life made, for another gun to kill it
Another bus came, for more people to miss it
Another peer group, for one to be a misfit
Another earl grey, for the rich man with biscuits
Another theory, for Bio Chemistry and Physics
Another rap artist, for music with abrasive lyrics
Another kid in a slum, for them to be a mimic
Another mum cries, for her son she can't believe it
Another boy fights, for an ego he just can't leave it
Another wife abused, (for) from a man he just ain't worth it
Another animal dead, for a celeb who wants to wear it
Another child hungry, for their parents just can't feed it
Another country disturbed, for the world to watch it
Another chain on display, for a thug to pop it
Another door opened, for someone to lock it
Another piece of meat, for a butcher to chop it
Another riot in London, for the police to stop it
Another hurdle in life, for us to hop it
Another bad habit, for all of us to drop it
Another wallet hanging loose, for pick pockets
Another plague, for death rates to sky rocket
Another book printed, for the world to read it
Another tragedy, for all of us to feel it
Another life lost, for us to make it
Another chance made, for us to waste it

by Jesse Johnson

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