Thursday, 7 October 2010



Oh so special
Questioning eyes, questioning lips
No trust from my heart, so my mind hurts
The world tries to induce us with kind words
But I hear the cold chill in its voice
So I pull mV hand away from the hand shake
Paranoid, there’s not a chance that I'll take
I think twice all the time, go over the pros and cons
The ins and outs, so I make no mistake
Even though I have hope and faith
Somehow, one way or another question invades
It’s like being on stage
Ready and rearing to go
But I utter no words just in case
The audience don't listen
It’s like missing someone, but getting them and rejecting them
It’s like thinking about taking a step through a door
That’s the point your thinking
But because of your shrewdness, backwards your sinking
Its so overpowering
Taking over your situations
Even controlling your innovations
It’s a powerful thing...a power thing

by Jesse Johnson

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