Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Till Death Do Us part

My scalps inching, thoughts want to jump out
I'm calm and collected, my legacy has started nothing can put me on pause now
I've got a jaw full of teeth, I'm a lion I'll roar out
Got relations with my people's, and I pray that we don't fall out

No throne here, cause it's just a bench with velvet on it
I dream about the crib and the car, with an immaculate woman on the bonnet
And I'll express my emotions in every line, every lyric in my poems
I've got heart for this figure of mine, and I'll show it

So know it, this is infinite just like the eight
I've passed barriers in this life, so I don't care what they say
Cause they can talk and back bite, but I ignore all the claims
I know the snakes in the grass, and how they try to defame

Libel's in the writing and slanders on their tongues
But I've been around the chat, mouths are firing the guns
In a literal sense and metaphorical...but I'm physically breathing life through my lungs
And giving the loss souls some recognition, for all that they've done

Presence is an issue, I can be seen and not heard
And seeing is believing, and I believe in the learning curve
There's been many a time when I've chose to turn to her
Before the depression kicks in, I decide to write my verbs

My collective of sentences, consistant in its right
So nothing can make me turn, my position is my pride
I can be like any other man, but my poetry's my life
Till death do us part, the angels hear me from the sky

by Jesse Johnson

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