Thursday, 7 October 2010

Enough: Make youth violence history


Enough is Enough, I dont want no more
Two many to much, of the blood that pours
Of young people, its gone past scores
Life's ruthless, death makes it sore
Its school mates, and our old friends
All the memories, of times when you ramped on the ends
Skanked in the shubs, and then
You get a fone call, telling you they're dead

Its deep, so we want it in the past
Another generation grows beneath us
So we need all this pain, to leave us
So we can advance, and free us
Believe me, when i talk i see us
Moving on from the dark, into the light
Even though, we might want revenge
There's good in all, that sets things right

That puts are mind at peace
Blood sweat and tears, its all part of the grief
But the pains still there, right down in the seems
In every bone, it's making me weak
This life is hell,(please) put me to sleep
Yes I'm beggin, I'm down on my knees
I've changed this year, pains surrounding me
Next thing my mum is grounding me

Locked in a coffin, not a room
I should of went home, instead of saying soon
Then i would be safe in the glow of the moon
Be able to eat breaky, with my spoon
Instead i was out, then i held two
In my chest, now my face is on news
Over something silly, its nothing new
Thats why I don't really, bother with news

I've herd it all before, it's depressing
But youths like me never learn our lesson
Enuff is enuff, and we want it to leave us
Make this youth violence leave us
Make youth violence, a thing of the past
Make peace something, that will last
Cause the blood shed's, a mysery

by Jesse Johnson

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