Saturday, 9 October 2010

You only live once

You only live once
Life has never been on loop
It's a straight running line
So we need to do what we do
Efficiently and sufficiently 
And build up our professionalism 
Because our generation begins
Where your generation leaves off
We all start at the bottom of the ladder
Strive and struggle to the top
Through all the cold days and long nights
We learn facts and reach heights
Put in to practice the morals we know
Network the system with our mind over matter
Input and output and watch it grow 
We're here for you to nurture
Put pounds on the correct hustle and flow
Cause we've walked through the pavements
Now we've polished our shoes and taken steps on to the corporate road
The people that we've met and the things that we've seen
Makes us feel elevated and privileged 
To become who we be
Set the bar high, it's like we're flying in our dreams
Only aim for the best achieved by working in teams
And after the hear and now
I will always know what I'm going to be
Because we all only live once
Let's leave our pasts to decease

By Jesse Johnson

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