Thursday, 7 October 2010

Emotional Plague

Emotional Plague

Why she always got to be so serious?
I know life’s been hard, life’s been stressful
She’s got a bursting heart and a head full...
No one to turn or talk too
So she stays so stand offish, its driving her poor soul wild and mental
I'm trying get a smooth outline with my tracing paper
So that I can create a stencil
But its so hard because of her jagged edges
Making her seem out of shape like wedges
I’m watching it all, and I feel as if I don't know where my head is
Cause life is a mess, and watching hers...
It’s constantly making my head spin
Round and round, it’s a whirl wind
I understand fully, why the tips of her lips ain’t curling
Into that smile I long to see
It’s so far off and distant to me
Somewhere above and beyond, it’s a wildest dream
So now I empathise till the point where I can't sleep
This love that I have is taking up all of my energy
It’s so emotional, it’s plaguing me

by Jesse Johnson

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