Saturday, 9 October 2010

Power is n prosperity

Power is in prosperity, and at the start I had none
I never thought about my pocket or the lump sum
I wanted to be the future that was never shunned 
I wanted to be the boy, that had the crowd stunned 
Had the crowd won, and be the realist me
Head and chest held high, for all the world to see
Be part of the one in a million, and the prodigy 
I've been part of the five, all in unity
Leo, Jean-Michel, and nanakwame
Don't forget the  boss a-b
I, because she gave us the encouragement
All of the food for thought, call it nourishment 
Helping us fight our battle through the under cover discouragement
Keeping the boys to the book, and making them men
Writing everything down, yes noted in pen
Saving me from the penitentiary, she's been holding our stems
She's the root to our plants, feeding hope again and again
Reality seen through one summer
Now I can be the shooter in a shirt, this is my corporate summer
And when I hear their claps, it'll be sounding like thunder
Cause we did something new, all without a blunder

by Jesse Johnson

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