Thursday, 7 October 2010

In this current climate of ours

In this current climate of ours

In this current climate of ours
Our state deteriorates
People are ever more evil
Just a bunch of smirking face

So this is where I start,
To climb and clamber up the mountain of life
Struggling through pressures
Pain, anguish and strife

I've been in a mental roller coaster
A ride none can compare
Experiences deeper than the depths of the sea
With words I can only share

I've been in this world for seventeen
By ten I realized life is a bitch
Ended up in a trauma room 12 08 09
I'm just happy I'm not in a ditch

God forbid the worst
He gave me a second chance
To put my life back on track
He let me live to see a A star

A level time
In our current season
Univeresity, diplomas and masters
Seem useless and without reason

Because in this current climate of ours
Alot seems to be going on
Theres people getting stabbed in the streets
The worlds in a crazy throng

The government can't get to grips with things
Because its all out of control
The money's gone as stale as bread
And the economy just can't hold

So theres people in there houses suffering
Complaining about poverty
Driven by desperation
Crime becomes the only democracy

The oil wells are running dry
The national grid is using up to much energy
Theres holes in our ozone layer
A global catastrophe

Theres violence all over
Local bloodshed
Children killing children
What happened to being over 80 in our death beds

In this current climate of ours
A lot of questions need to be answered

by Jesse Johnson

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