Thursday, 7 October 2010



I take a look around every room that i step in
And see inspiration in every face
It doesn't seem like they know it
But in my life they've got a place

Cause we live in a world so alienated
Everyone lives inside of a box
Shut off controlled and stifled
Lifeless just like rocks

I need to get away from this control
Cause I'm of free mind  and free will
I'm not a robot of society
Trained to be unskilled

I've got this thing thats called free will
Its a sword i love to wield
But some do this without control and knowledge
And end up losing their protective shield

Losing a sense of self
No self respect low self esteem
In a routine they are oblivious
To the fact they're stuck in a dream

Trapped in a constant cycle
Trying to climb to the top
All effort for what reason
When life ends inside of a box

by Jesse Johnson

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