Sunday, 23 January 2011

In that Moment

In that moment

The wind brushed against our cheeks
And the water danced as it splashed against the lifeless rocks
Our faces drew closer, and our bodies were magnetic
And then our lips touched sending tingles from the top

Down to my socks, making my heart flutter
Inside the shutter of my chest
The gentle air stroking down your neck
There's that essence of us in every breathe

That's why the stars stood in the sky
Little winks. And the shooting star marked its smile
And the crescent moon listened, to the song of our hearts
As we embrace each other on the waters edge for that while

Everyday I ponder when I look into the night sky
How I long to repeat those minutes once again
The stars only appear when I'm with you
So it's savoured here, in that moment reminisced by my pen

By Jesse Johnson

Saturday, 22 January 2011

All I Know Is that I Love You

All I know is that I love you

I'm not gonna sit here and try to give myself reasons
All I know is that I love you, and that love is not just a feeling
Its an emotion, to be motioned
That's why my tongue is here revealing
And everyday I hear your voice alone
The onion layers are peeling
So imagine when I see your face and touch your body too
My heart beat starts to pump, and something hits the ceiling
Bringing me back to when we was new
Me and you, we were revealing
Our nature, raw rough ragged to the bone
Slow sleek slender, all of those sensuous under tones
And everyday I see you face and think
That we never would have known
If one of us had been buried
Or one of our hearts were turned to stone
So here I am, my heart body mind and soul smiles when I wake
Because I'm glad that your the one I've chose
Cause I've danced with history and mystery
Down a long and dismal road
But with you, I know your presence
And all of your aspirations when we stroll
And I hope wish and wonder
Together we turn old
So we can remember and reminisce
And cherish every moment until deaths angel comes to kiss
So here I sign and seal my oath of love to you
With a drop of my blood and a splatter of my perfume
Let us in our merriment progress
And in loves strong hold continue

By Jesse Johnson

Thursday, 6 January 2011

To You

To You

People spend a life time searching for what you have
And the time you've spent together so far just shows what love is
From the first vows, not an eye has bated
Signed and sealed with that one kiss

And billions more, and a couple of kids
Little truffles that god calls blessings
The preservation of life and legacy
Building family trees, brick upon brick places of dwelling

Come rain or shine, you've awaken to the same face
With a tender kiss with that whiff of morning breath and a smile
And you remember that time and distance is no barrier
Just to see, hug and hold, you'd travel a thousand miles

And distance makes the heart grow fonder
That's why you stay close inches deep every night
Tried and tested, your emotions and motives have frozen time
Weathered any storm, and thrown off any tempestuous smite

So you rise as the sun falls to your enjoyment of life
Family bonded in holy matrimony, you live as one with pride
Not a rock to turn over, no secrets between man and wife
Your rings are a symbol, there's nothing to hide

So here you are in the open
To all eyes and all ears
Where you tender loving care has been announced again
Here's to many more years

By Jesse Johnson