Thursday, 7 October 2010



He was a man, wore his heart on his sleeve
No snakes round here, we're dealing with lions
Every aspiration and every single dream
Came with the courage enough to disengage any pariah
All the goals weren't that hard to achieve
I got books to eat, I consume them with fire
Of knowlege to reach abilities of high reach
To breach bounderies beyond the wire
The line determining life, which we're afraid to see
I bow my head in shame, for every tear which they cry out
No doubt, it was nearly ecstacy when the world bleached
Right out, near the white light that shines out
It took my empowerment to stay strong,bravery
I wreastled death and said a prayer for me not to die out
Youth, intelligence, strength, courage, integrity.
It took courage

by Jesse Johnson

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