Thursday, 7 October 2010



Its a cold world
Theres kids with no conscience
They've been deaden by the media
By society
We're living in a system where everything is monetary
Financial values fill everyones lives
Until they forget their ways of morality
Theres only one word that fits our worlds abnormality
I would say that its poverty
Poverty of mind
And the poverty of our democracies
The way we live our lives
And the tumbles that we all take
And the stands that we don't
Corruptions at the heart of it
Not a tiny bit has departed from us
Problems keep filing in
Now we've hit a void
Economies gone bust
Millions out of jobs
All part of the countries lust
Lust for power
Lust for blood
Lust for money
We all know that its the greed that feeds
Taking control of loads
Subconsciously like a fiend
Till we become fiends
Until we breathe greed
Self centred and carless
Lack of love and the kindness that comes with it
So whats life worth?
When no one has any self worth
Anxiety is the only description that faces our system
Daily we struggle and worry
So feet are quick to scurry
To badness and get quick money
Quickly came and gone in a hurry
Just like our country
Just like our people
To rash
To harsh
Living for self and self freedom
All part of our decisions
Decisions of imperfect man
Imperfect self
And forgeting that our decisions
Are not always the wisest
We're only human
Who are we to walk in our own footsteps?

by Jesse Johnson

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