Thursday, 7 October 2010



Black, they say it’s just a colour
But that’s not what I see when I look at my mother
That’s not what I see when I look at my brothers
We are part of the spectrum of the world
We’re not separate; not one of the others
We’re soldiers too, so we deserve some honour
Slave trade gone, I slave no longer
My belly’s grumbling, for food I hunger

Black boys, we’re the world of tomorrow
We make our decisions, we don’t need to follow
We got brains, our heads are not hollow
We get stronger when we eat, so they’re scared when we swallow
Independent when we learn but in life we borrow
Money knowledge time, until we burrow
Ourselves each other, six foot deep
Over natural causes, or violence in the street

Black, B-L-A-C-K
Suffered by the hands of the K-K-K
Suffered and struggled, struggle the struggle
But we were never silenced, never put in a muzzle
We work harder, you never see our women in a brothel
Problems at home some might live in a hostel
Still, we’re getting on with the life
Through the cold winter days and daily hype

Black, whoever said it was a curse
If you see our face then you think for the worst
You’re no different; we’ll both end up in a hearse
Grey and old, crying for the nurse
We were born the same way, delivered by the doctor
But the colour of my skin, makes others want to hate
It even hurts more, when my race discriminates
We need unity, don’t worry about race

Black girls, the Nubian queens of the future
You deserve the respect, so we never abuse you
Keep your head on straight, you will never be confused
It’s now or never, so the time you have use
Keep your head to your book, you will never lose
There is no destiny, so your life you can choose
Be the best you can, to yourself you should prove
Inspiring women, please beware of how you move

Black, be the very essence of the word
Be respected as the rest, but individual as preferred
Keep your eyes focused, so your aims are never blurred
Be soaring eagles in the sky, free like the birds
Don’t ever shy in the corner, make sure your voiced is heard
Aim to be first, never (wanting) second or third
Strive for what you want, never be deterred
Concentrate on life, it’s a major learning curve.

 by Jesse Johnson

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