Friday, 8 June 2012

My Wisdom Stems from You

My wisdom stems from you

Thinking bout my time, and ways I cannot waste it
I can see ambition, its about time that I've gained it
Sit the trophy of my life in plain sight and say I've made it
Because the dark tried to claim my life, but look! See! They cannot claim it

Explain this. Who you are? And what lifestyle are you entertaining?
Do you feel cursed by the suns rays? Is your pain washed away when its raining?
Do you try or do you do? Or do you sit melancholy complaining?
Do you crush oppressors doubts, when you're clearly under estimated?

Rearrange things. Know that you'll soon be driving spaceships
Don't be a product of your environment, excuses are for the aimless
My wisdom stems from you, and the experiences from all the ages
Use the fundamental truths; reason, and release yourself from cages

By Jesse Johnson