Saturday, 9 October 2010



Humility is the way forward
So that's how I'll stay
Every other guy is on a hype
So I'm me, I don't play
I'm serious about my life, no games
Cause I'm the purist out the batch, like uncut cocaine
Brain damager, verbally abuser, leaving you insaine
Lyrical shocker, frying your membranes
Constistently efficently reinforcing my word game
Plain words in sight, enabling me to maintain
The mentality I hold as my own
So close, open revealled plain clothed
Ditto you, so I do it right
Now they know who I am
And what my humble will make me be
Creatively enduring life daily
All because I never leap to far off the ground
So nobody has to pull me down
Forget being on the high horse
I rather be humble
Reap the fruits of my spirit
And embrace humility

By Jesse Johnson

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