Friday, 24 November 2017


Happy Friday
They all came from far and wide
Tired brained and sleepy eyed
From silent taps to tantrum tatters
The office comes alive from whispers to natters
The morning comes so we fill mugs
With coffee or water from watermarked jugs
From weekend blues to that Friday feeling
Here comes the weekend for some down time treatment
Happy Friday!  
by Jesse Johnson

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

If (inspired by Rudyard Kipling)

If  (inspired by Rudyard Kipling)
If the sky fell today and there was no tomorrow
And I stretched my hands for you, would you follow?
Would you bury hatred? Would you bury sorrow?
Or would you flutter away like the swallows?
We’ve been gifted with today
Yesterday is a memory
Tomorrow is a dream, for which I pray
Give me guidance, hope, and energy
If a life time can be lost in words
If the pressure hasn’t taken its turn
If the embers have not died, let them burn
Both loving and hating is absurd
Knave we were, its kept us closed in
If we had cared for their vision
Neither you nor I would have been chosen
I’ve been chasing broke, now I’ve made my decision
If you prefer peace of mind give it time
Frustration and animosity comes from talking harsh
Fighting fire with fire and crossing lines
Regurgitating milk, spilt from the past
Tell me, did we really stand a chance
Life isn’t a ball or a bed of roses
We were two left feet and you expected us to dance
Never perfect so you wouldn’t see the poses
If it can take a day to defy a whole dynasty
And moments to make a family destroyed
Feel out of touch because there’s no synergy
At the centre there’s a heart of a boy
Break away the bubble wrap
Bring home the pain
Tell them the sun is coming up
After this land has been cleansed with rain
By Jesse Johnson

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Blank page

Blank Page

Starring at a blank page
Not knowing what will become of it
I see these white washed walls
Innocent youth, eventually crumbling
As I eat the rotten fruit
And wonder how I actually stomach it
I'm trying to chase the light in the world
But the dark ain't having none of it

Discouraging, the way I see you struggle
I see your life and mine
And I'm trying to fit the puzzle
Between mine nine to five
The kitchen, paves and puddles
I'll be trying to draw a line
Between the push and the tugging
And I don't know how we survive

But I hope that Jah provides
Cause I can't seem to find the aisle
That leads me to make decisions
That make you sad or make you smile
Do I ignore the subliminals
Or do I touch the dial?
Do I get a little closer
Or do I remove you from the files?

The rows of my memories
Both the ups and the downs
What could anyone ever say
If I was plugged in the ground?
...The day that I was lost
Was the day I was never found
I'm tryna escape my mind
I'm the fox, it's the hound

by Jesse Johnson

There is Only One You

HThere is Only One You

I am One
I am a prime
You are one
You are time

The beginning and the end
Happens for you
The journey is what really matters
It depends on you

Because without you
The world is lacking one
One less Father, one less Mother
One less Friend, Daughter or Son

Yesterday is a memory
Today is a gift
Tomorrow is a dream
For which I hope and pray you’ll live

by Jesse Johnson

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water 

Trying to get off but the roller coaster won't stop 
Words are emotions when they hit it's like a bombs dropped 
Sinking to solid, I'll be waiting for my ears to pop 
Time spent is gone, got me feeling like I'm lost 

Cause words are just empty promises with no weight 
No action behind lips that move, just a bare face 
Hooked on a string no piranhas just pariahs caught in their gape 
Alt F - 4, tell me what can make me escape…

Its to late, mistakes and complaints 
But they've never thought to think about how they violate 
The things that happen, the motions make the chest drain 
My heart can't on take, the anger gives me chest pain 

So why try find comfort in a bosom or a breast 
Where wisdom is not present, no compassion in their head 
They smile as they sleep, no thirst for their bread 
They know not my reality, they've never seen or heard this red

by Jesse Johnson 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Not A Sonnet

Not A Sonnet

You was the one that said, you'll never let me go
Or was it all an act
I'm not working with all the lies
All I need is all the facts
I'm trying to dress us all in white
Don't try and dress us all in black
Because fickle is not for me
And neither is a heart attack
I'm not trying to fade away with heartache
Just to wait for you to run back
You're half of this one
And I know I may have caused a crack
You're no burden to my life
You belong in my arms, in my grasp upon my lap

by Jesse Johnson

Friday, 8 June 2012

My Wisdom Stems from You

My wisdom stems from you

Thinking bout my time, and ways I cannot waste it
I can see ambition, its about time that I've gained it
Sit the trophy of my life in plain sight and say I've made it
Because the dark tried to claim my life, but look! See! They cannot claim it

Explain this. Who you are? And what lifestyle are you entertaining?
Do you feel cursed by the suns rays? Is your pain washed away when its raining?
Do you try or do you do? Or do you sit melancholy complaining?
Do you crush oppressors doubts, when you're clearly under estimated?

Rearrange things. Know that you'll soon be driving spaceships
Don't be a product of your environment, excuses are for the aimless
My wisdom stems from you, and the experiences from all the ages
Use the fundamental truths; reason, and release yourself from cages

By Jesse Johnson