Thursday, 23 June 2011

This is why it hurts

This is why it hurts

See my mind it suffers in silent’s
Suffers from the in directs and the hypement
Hyper mentality of my rightly guarded insanity
So it gets you mad and only comes out when I'm angry b

Cause all the emotion is locked up in a cabernet
Looks are deceiving cause its more like a safe
And every time you get the code wrong
I add another digit and build up your hate

I can see the hope disappear from your face
And you patients turns into impatience
Cause you can no longer wait
Me and you are no longer on the straight

Ups and downs and twists and turns
Lights this house on fire, and lets it burn
Nothings going to change, when anger churns
When are we going to grow up, when will we learn

I can't open up
That’s why the burdens burden all, and it hurts

by Jesse Johnson