Thursday, 23 September 2010

Learning curve

Lifes a long road as we all know it. I look down mine every day and wonder intensely where the hell am I going? Recently, I've been mixed and muddled up, (like I haven't been for the past eighteen years). Also, I've began to notice the reasons why certain people I know are so cold hearted, you'll never see them get to deeply involved with a woman, its just in then out and onwards and upwards in life.

This area of life is a place where people don't realise the reality from the physical. The concept I am developing here is that women get emotional when it comes to physical things, they put emotion and physical together and this is where the chasing starts. On the other hand, (most) men seperate the two. This creates a brigde that splits men from women. This is part of the reason why I am sitting here venting at the moment. Personally, I find it hard to show emotion, not because of the mere fact that I can't, I am completely cable of doing so, it is just the fact that things have happened in my life that have sent me on an emotional roller coaster, consequences being that I believe that I have become desensitised to a number of things. This feeling that I have now developed is something that is common in most youths in society today.

The feeling of being desensitised has been created by the media. The music, videos and games that people are exposed to and the mere fact that we are all imperfect, people go through everyday wishing wondering and worrying. From the minute we can speak and ask questions a cycle and a search is started. Why are we here? What is our individual purpose in life?

Since day one we as people carry burdens and have anxieties. The only issue after that is finding out how to get over our problems, forgive forget and move on. Since becoming an adult, I will stick to this more, my motives me, those around me haven't got all day to wait around. My time is now and so is yours so put yourself first and foremost along with those who you should care most about, i.e. family.

Learning curve of life...I've still got loads to learn. Teach me!

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