Friday, 26 November 2010



Time has moved on
Good was I, but now I do wrong
Wicked world, good is soon gone
But there are parts in me that still hold on

Time has got control of the systems
My body, brain, my words and my rhythm
Timely acts ending with -isms
It seems to control our condition

Time doesn't change
It ticks on, but it don't age
It's been through happy sad, sun and rain
On going through life, death and it's pain

Time is a force to reckon with
It's a trap, which we have seconds in
It will make you do things you've never did
There's so little, but still yet we give

Time, 80 years what many live
Just enough to work learn, and then have some kids
After marriage, get a pension life’s tips
Live for long, get a smile from life’s lips

by Jesse Johnson

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