Friday, 26 November 2010

Our Country

Our Country

In our country
The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer
If it wasn't for the poor, the rich wouldn't be
See, so, the rich need to keep the poor poor
So they play with the economy
I think the credit crunch is a sham and redundancy
You watch the news, believe what you want to believe
But most of it's a lie, that's the tendency
Government's behind it all, there's no conspiracy
They put the drugs in the streets, to give the needy a craving
They let it in the country, to keep the fiends slaving
So there's people sniffing it, when they're raving
Business men’s pick me up, while they're shaving
Youths peddling the packs, because it's easy money
Then comes power and respect, then road stops being funny
Cause the gun and knife crime starts, then our streets get bloody
Live or die, government still get there money
So at the end of the day, they're as sweet as honey
As for me, it's a different story

Living in a council estate, under a next mans feet
No real father figure since two or three
Yeah, you could say my father is dead beat
He's doing his own thing, with his new family
Oh well, I can't say I miss him
I got my mother and older sister
They got me, they're looking after me
See, so, this is what our worlds reduce too
Drugs, guns and poverty
Living on top of each other, in single parent families
You can sit back! And say I'm naive
But I wouldn't careless, this is freedom of speech!
Our world, my world
Us, you, me.

by Jesse Johnson

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