Monday, 22 November 2010

All About You

All About You

Its all about the life, not about the lust
And its not about the lies, its all about the trust
All the emotions in my soul, I can feel it in my blood
Your my one and only drug, and I cannot get enough
And I ain't getting head over heels, so you cannot say I'm sprung
Cause its only early days, getting enticed by love
When I could have been at peace, floating with the doves
But death got delayed, so we can meet and feel each touch
So we can, meet and kiss and hug
To train our minds to think together
And our hearts to beat as one
To be the lightning and the thunder,
They hear us echoing like drums
And I know I play with words, but this is far from a pun
When I say you're the essence of life
I dream of you bearing my son
Cause you're smart but sensuous,
You're the air for my lungs
You're the crown upon the queens head
But you're worth more than any gem
Worth more than any star in the sky
All for you I'll capture them
And bring them all before you
So that they can bow their heads
Show you some honour, and give respect

By Jesse Johnson

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