Monday, 22 November 2010



It all started off with sliding doors
In and out of the rooms
Open opportunities taken, slide in whores
Cause we used to ride every wave and trend
And simply move on to the next one
So simple, when we got bored
It was never about wasting time in the young days
Even though that's what we regularly did
That was regularly done, and now its done
Finished diminished over
Thrown into the past
Now I can move forward
Cause I've eaten experience
Thought liberal labour and conservative
Read couple chapters of my bible
Heard dawah
And now you can say most truly that I am enlightened
Touched by words and wisdom
You can say that I've heard but its even harder to say that I've listened
Compared to what I prefer
A book with knowledge my mind eats
But still yet sometimes its absurd
Cause the affect of these positive angled words, angled germs
Have been so simply reversed with that toxic steel, you could call it mind bleach
And now only her and poetry can boggle my mind so deeply
Cause I've been under these covers
Its about time that I break free
And spread my wings and fly
I'm part of the big wide world
Where I've realised, that knowledge is power
And that power is a beautiful safety

By Jesse Johnson

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