Monday, 22 November 2010

Hells Hope

Hells Hope
Those thoughts ran through my mind again
Someone stole them from my minds volt
It changed the beat of my heart 
And made me feel like I'm walking on a tight rope
And the sky's the limit they would tell me
But that's all lies, cause even my eyes know
Cause just as hard as it is to get up
You come down quicker than a slide phone 
And men touch space time ago
They touched the moon but the stars is just a distant hope
And the heavens are an excuse to live good
So onto religion people grope
And through it many have slit throats
Lost minds where heads role
Trapped in the mid drift of mind pollution
Puppets on strings, lost souls
So that just leaves me to life
Where we find, all the loop holes and the strife
Where the anarchy is rife
As we come closer to the end of the times
By Jesse Johnson

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