Friday, 26 November 2010

Stop think


Okay, I messed up
Now I got to stop think and fix up
I'm somebody, so are you so chin up
I can feel with stretched open hands
So take mine, keep in touch

Stop, think and find yourself
I don't want to be mesmerized by the world
I don't want to be love smitten by some girl
I want to be pure like the whitest pearl

Stop, think and feel it
Repeat your words again and mean it
Imagery in my words, can you see it?
You are somebody, believe it

Stop, think and see what I see
A world corrupt by violence and greed
All people say these days is me me me
But we need to let go and feel free

Stop, think, smell what I smell
The after shave on a sweet boy
The whiff of perfume on a fit girl
And of luxury foods, so eat well

Stop, think, taste what I taste
Something putrid, my mouths profanity is waste
Replaced with an aroma, soothing like earl grey
Creating a mixed aura, like a woman's birth pains

Stop, think, hear what I hear
My conscience telling me I care
My mind screaming out, it cry’s fear
And the silent motion of my eyes tears

Stop, think...

by Jesse Johnson

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