Friday, 26 November 2010

Slave mentality

Slave mentality

Yes I am proud to be
Black, but my skin does not define me
I got mind and heart, age let wisdom find me
Let me stay distant from history’s broken bonds
My ancestors were, but me no longer
I am who I am, I do not belong
In the ownership of a slave master
Kept oppressed by whips, chains and shackles
In this day and age I'm strong and stronger
In this day and age...I'm free, freedom
But my government says otherwise
Classing me as an ethnic minority
Only giving a helping hand to push me into poverty
Leaving me stifled, corrupted feeding my broken dreams
Filling my lungs with imported weed
Laced with strings of heroin
Keeping me in chains and shackles
With nothing to do and nowhere to go
Until violence breaks out and we tear each other down
Nigger this and nigger that
Stab him, shoot him, rob him, beat him.
Its all an endless cycle
So I watch no longer
Leave the weak mentality to the weak
Leave the roads to those who don't want to break the spell
Leave me away from this life’s political greed
Leave me out of the SLAVE Mentality

by Jesse Johnson

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