Monday, 22 November 2010



It was friday when I said I had heartache
Cause there's no s on my chest when it comes to love
Bare hand when I grip, so I can't lose this tug
Pull these words out of my mouth, instead acting all smitten and shy like it was tough
I would be alright, but the emotions on my mind
Had me looking in the night, for that one sign
Just to tell me that it was a bluff
But you cease to amaze me, and I can't get enough
That's why I'm losing sleep, waking up still pondering and looking ruff

There was this firm certainty when you touched my nape
Had my thoughts going wild, my poetry let's my thoughts escape
So you can hear them pressed out, getting to your brain
Like the white and the red, but there's no bunch of grapes
There's no despot of love in us, so this love we cannot hate
You help me brandish the blue red and the gold, with my super cape
S on my chest I'm super man, but you over stand any louis lane
You're my kryptonite, I don't mind being weak, being drained
Cause you take me to the pleasure max, you body heals my brain
Feeds my mind, my soul it helps maintain
The past grows green with envy, when I say your name
You make me a man of steel, heart of the lion, I am brave
Knight in shining armour, gentlemen, on my heart your names engraved

By Jesse Johnson

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