Friday, 26 November 2010



17 years old and I'm not getting a day younger
I'm a ghost child living in a ghost town
Thats why I'm living so low down
I'm in a system where we face terror and trauma

17 and my lifes still a jigsaw puzzle
With missing pieces
Secrets and conspiracy hidden in folds and creases
I'm trying to bark at life but I'm stuck in a muzzle

17 and I'm long pass legal age
No wisdom with it
15 was the age, making me an impatient statistic
Look hard, you can see life in my eyes and changed face

17 and lifes peak
It was a pivotal point in my life that changed me
My skin got better aquainted with cold steel see
Wrong place wrong time, bad week

17, oh so sweet
I'm glad life made a turn in my final days of 16
Left D.G with some of the best set a GCSEs
When I could have been a box with my future, bleak


by Jesse Johnson

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