Monday, 22 November 2010

Sin and spontaneity

Sin and spontaneity

Spontaneity is key
That’s why I go with the wind and the weather
Mind clear as the blue sky
No weight im a feathered

So everyday is a blank page
Unpredicted and unwritten
The right to write your own
Right wrongs and be forgiven

Sins part of every soul
Knowing the right and the wrong
All in and out of order
Notice life is never fitting for long

So I’m gone
Off finding my own way
Reminiscing about the past
All of the heartache on the cold days

Trying to continue
Forgetting old ways and developing new
Working out all the cracks
And creating the clues

The hints into my mind
All of the blues and the murder
Only if you could break in
To my mind, mind burglar

Then you would see what this sinful world has created
Look at me now, the difference, I have made it

By Jesse Johnson

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