Friday, 26 November 2010



I've always got my head down
I've got a hunch on my back the size of mount Everest
During the night I never rest
During the day I'm restless
Someone decapitate me, because I feel headless
I'm going mental, where are the meds kept?
I'm talking, but there's nobody else on the other side of my headset
Do I seem right?
Don't say no, because these are just emotions
They bleed out of my pen as words, so I seem psychotic
But I am the sanest psychopath you've met
Or that you've heard
It's just me, and the few things that stand out...
Besides my stereotype...
Young black naive and criminal
But I'm me, crying out with words collaborated in syllables
Phrases and sentences, some subliminal
Me so unattached to life
Singular me. Melancholy

by Jesse Johnson

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