Sunday, 23 January 2011

In that Moment

In that moment

The wind brushed against our cheeks
And the water danced as it splashed against the lifeless rocks
Our faces drew closer, and our bodies were magnetic
And then our lips touched sending tingles from the top

Down to my socks, making my heart flutter
Inside the shutter of my chest
The gentle air stroking down your neck
There's that essence of us in every breathe

That's why the stars stood in the sky
Little winks. And the shooting star marked its smile
And the crescent moon listened, to the song of our hearts
As we embrace each other on the waters edge for that while

Everyday I ponder when I look into the night sky
How I long to repeat those minutes once again
The stars only appear when I'm with you
So it's savoured here, in that moment reminisced by my pen

By Jesse Johnson

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