Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Day I Die

The day I die

The day I die, I will be a legend
I know for a fact, I ain't reaching heaven
Sitting contemplating thoughts, telling myself
Life was so different when I was seven

Look at me now, times to two and add four
I've felt my soul drain from my back, legs and jaw
I stay quiet cause it started with back stabbing
So much so, for opening mouths to law

I stuck to the code, lived by a knife, and hugged on the roads
So many miss calls from one don on my phone
No one else was worried or rushed to my aid
No matter how big the batch, you're still all alone

Life's no bed a rose, so f flowers
I'd rather drown in the bath, I can't die in showers
No pain, I'm soulless
Homeless, mums moaning for hours

Once again, out on a late night
Tick tock big ben, sings near the bright lights
But then again, its not my time
To go, my heart still beats, right

Sometimes she says she can't feel my heart
Ice cold, stone, hear it in my laugh
My voice is dark, somebody find me a pathway
I'm standing at the entrance, asking for a new start

So until the day I die
Let me live, love, thrive, keep my mind
Sanity, breathe survive
Be me till the day I die, one of a kind

By Jesse Johnson

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