Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Blank page

Blank Page

Starring at a blank page
Not knowing what will become of it
I see these white washed walls
Innocent youth, eventually crumbling
As I eat the rotten fruit
And wonder how I actually stomach it
I'm trying to chase the light in the world
But the dark ain't having none of it

Discouraging, the way I see you struggle
I see your life and mine
And I'm trying to fit the puzzle
Between mine nine to five
The kitchen, paves and puddles
I'll be trying to draw a line
Between the push and the tugging
And I don't know how we survive

But I hope that Jah provides
Cause I can't seem to find the aisle
That leads me to make decisions
That make you sad or make you smile
Do I ignore the subliminals
Or do I touch the dial?
Do I get a little closer
Or do I remove you from the files?

The rows of my memories
Both the ups and the downs
What could anyone ever say
If I was plugged in the ground?
...The day that I was lost
Was the day I was never found
I'm tryna escape my mind
I'm the fox, it's the hound

by Jesse Johnson

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