Wednesday, 29 June 2016

If (inspired by Rudyard Kipling)

If  (inspired by Rudyard Kipling)
If the sky fell today and there was no tomorrow
And I stretched my hands for you, would you follow?
Would you bury hatred? Would you bury sorrow?
Or would you flutter away like the swallows?
We’ve been gifted with today
Yesterday is a memory
Tomorrow is a dream, for which I pray
Give me guidance, hope, and energy
If a life time can be lost in words
If the pressure hasn’t taken its turn
If the embers have not died, let them burn
Both loving and hating is absurd
Knave we were, its kept us closed in
If we had cared for their vision
Neither you nor I would have been chosen
I’ve been chasing broke, now I’ve made my decision
If you prefer peace of mind give it time
Frustration and animosity comes from talking harsh
Fighting fire with fire and crossing lines
Regurgitating milk, spilt from the past
Tell me, did we really stand a chance
Life isn’t a ball or a bed of roses
We were two left feet and you expected us to dance
Never perfect so you wouldn’t see the poses
If it can take a day to defy a whole dynasty
And moments to make a family destroyed
Feel out of touch because there’s no synergy
At the centre there’s a heart of a boy
Break away the bubble wrap
Bring home the pain
Tell them the sun is coming up
After this land has been cleansed with rain
By Jesse Johnson

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