Thursday, 31 May 2012

Persistence will give us our last laugh

Persistence will give us our last laugh

Sometimes I wish the world was paradise so we could all be perfect 
But eyes and minds they speculate and make lives feel worthless 
Love is like a time bomb its  ticks and tocks keep turning 
Until it all errupts, and leaves the owners hurting 

So it's burning, the shrapnel in my chest
When all I could ever dream of is being peaceful in your breast
When being pressed, we are something unbelievable 
Look how far we've come, the world to conquer's still achievable 

Believe the fool, or leave the fool
Salty tears still flow, drown my sorrows in a teary pool
School never ready for me this, heartache wasn't on the curriculum 
My life is topsey turvey, I have lost my equilibrium

Lost the sight of light in the gun show and the fire fight
You're my compass in the wilderness, in a sea of darkness you're my fire flies
So forget the lies, I broke my own heart
Misery won't take away the pain and neither will a new start

So I'd prefer to climb the ladder, and continue on our path
Because the only way is forward, persistence will give us our last laugh

By Jesse Johnson

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