Tuesday, 14 February 2012

February 14th

February 14th

A warm hand touched a lonely heart
On my mind all day, that’s why I see your face after dark
And , I know you smile when I smile
Even though we're apart, love's telepathic through miles
No denial, you’re the sweetness in every cherry drop
I'm not just about making the bedrock, I'll make your heart stop...
Start, just like it skipped a beat
Roses and chocolates are cliché, but this me being me
Poetry, floetry just to see them rosy cheeks
To make you blush and grin your teeth
Read listen, listen read...carefully
Valentines Day is one day out of one week
You've got me 365 days, plus infinity

by Jesse Johnson

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  1. Beautiful. I´ve discovered this blog through Twitter. Congratulations, it has amazed me. @luisullan