Monday, 16 May 2011



Looking for words of wisdom
All on a layer of skin
Searching through the depths of my tissue
For the cells that could barely win
All of my imperfection
From all of these molecules comes sin
Trying to figure out the friends and foes it's like I see through tints
So I've got these blurry eyes
My blood vessels filled with the greenest stink
The trees came and freed my mind
Meditation, it's time for me to think
So I'm here looking and searching
Seeing past black white cream yellow grey and pink
I don't judge books by there covers
Cause that just shows that my mind os thin
So I'm patiently waiting
For the day where I can remove my mind from this brink
So I won't be done with my soul searching
My main focus is me that's why I'm looking in

By Jesse Johnson

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