Friday, 6 May 2011

Dead Comer Alive

Dead Comer Alive

The way you act is like you put me in the cold earth
No life in your eyes, what's your soul worth? 
Yes I'm jealous of yours, mine had no birth
Sometimes you make me wonder why the earth turns
Why my heart still beats? And why my gut churns?
Why you got me feeling wicked? What purpose do your cuts serve?
Love for you long gone, dead ends and no swerves
For change in my heart, I'm dead to you, no nerves

The silence from your tongue, doesn't match your eyes
I can tell you're thinking, and there's to much pride
It's like you put me in limbo, cause the loving died
No kissing, hugging and touching, that's why I'm not inside
But I'm shut out of your cold world, to much to hide?
If only it was that, I can't see you slide
If only you knew and you could read my mind
Then I wouldn't be in this comer of love, you'd be by my side

Moreover, they say that shit happens for a reason
I've always been in bloom, cause I'm not about the season
That's why I stand tall like a tree, life in my stem is what I'm feeling
And I bare fruit, for my poetry to be peeling
Cause my past is out the window, and my hope through the ceiling
And I pray for the thought of me in front of you kneeling 
That's why I'm here, sitting here revealing
To you they made me dead or deaden, and you're my only sense of healing

By Jesse Johnson  

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