Friday, 7 October 2011

I live the Circle of Life

I live the Circle of Life
I didn't want to be in their shoes
I was comfortable in mine
I didn't want to preserve the love
I'm not the sort you soak in brine
They always though i had screws loose
But it was never a matter of time
They had done it once before
But it was never consider a crime
Was life really worth all this?
I've learn't to swallow my pride
Finding it hard to see through heavens eyes
Cause I'm human, so the way i decide
And the decisions that I make
Depend on sin, sin provides
I'm human, I'm imperfect
Now theres no need to read inbetween the lines
Stare life in its face
And suss out all the lies
Have to smile once in a while
More often than when I'm high
Jump for joy, grin teeth
More often than I cry
Go to sleep and wake up
And remind myself...I live the Circle of Life

by Jesse Johnson

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