Friday, 9 September 2011



There was nothing that i could do about it
It hurts me to think of her wishing it would stop
Why would someone wanna do that for?
So fowl and fiendish, diabolical and raw

It is poor, rat tat on your door
It would either be the feds or grim with his sickle
The way i see it, its revenge
It'll either be me or you sitting in the pen

And remember this. What happens on the late night
Will get repaid in the broad day bare face
No love no fore play
Have something pointing at your head, like this is a Saw game

But this is serious, you must have been delusional
You mother should be ashamed of you
Wish i find you kill you twice over and shit on your grave
Treat women like women, not how they treated the slaves

by Jesse Johnson

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